Friends of Joseph Smith

There are some unique types of questions that you can ask your friends of Joseph Smith and see how they respond. Here are four of them and one way to test if they really know something.

Plural Marriage

How do you feel about Joseph and Plural Marriage? Answer the question correctly and see how well they respond.

Keep Working

If they answer with words like surprise, sadness, or denial, that will tell you that there is more work to be done. You need to keep working on it and you should not get discouraged.

Tricky Quesion

Would you like to know more about Joseph and Plural Marriage? This is a tricky question, because in most cases there will be someone who will say yes and another who will say no. 

Choose People Who Say No

If you want more information you will need to choose the people who say no. If you choose the ones who say yes, then you will see their reaction and how it will impact your friendship.

Sealing of the Heavens

Would you like to know about the things Joseph said about the sealing of the heavens or sealing the wives of the Prophet to the polygamous polygamists?

Being Successful

If the person says yes, this will show that you have made some progress. They are receptive but are not willing to go any further. If they say no, you have a better chance at being successful. 

Know about the Sealing of Heavens

If you will continue to ask the question, there will be more reaction as well as a higher percentage that will want to know about sealing the heavens.

How did Joseph feel about being sealed to Mary Fielding Smith? This is the most tricky question because there will be other questions regarding the sealing of the heavens. If you find someone who says they would like to know about the sealing of the heavens, make sure that you will follow up with the information. This will be helpful to you.

Maria Lawrence

Why did Joseph agree to be sealed to Maria Lawrence? This is a question that will confuse some people. The answer is that Maria was a close friend of Joseph, and they went to school together. 

Important Things

There was no other person involved in the sealing of the heavens except for Joseph. The most important thing that you can do is just continue to ask questions and if you don’t get the answers you want, just move on to the next person.

Sarah Johnson

Why did Joseph agree to be sealed to Sarah M. Johnson? This is a very interesting question. Some people may think that it’s simple because it’s Joseph who will be sealed to them. 

The Real Reason

I think the real reason is that they don’t trust Joseph because he seems to be suspicious about some of the women in the sealing. What happened between Joseph and Sarah that she left the Church? It’s interesting because Sarah never left the Church. She had some problems and decided to leave. So in order to get back in, she turned her back on the Church.

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